Joey Hess' blog of his work on git-annex-assitant has been a great inspiration to me. Basically, Joey had a very successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his work on a very cool tool of his that he wants to expand to be a kind of drop-box replacement. As part of the project, he's been blogging nearly every day about the work, his progress, and the problems he's faced.

I really admire this kind of note taking, and think it's really interesting to see how people progress on cool projects. More than that, I think it's a cool way to make yourself accountable to the world, and help ensure things get done.

By the same token, when your project work is writing, increasing daily workload by writing notes/posts rather than actually doing work is a problem, on the other hand, given the right kind of templates, and a good end of day habit, it might be easy and a good habit.

Anyone else interested in this? Thoughts on using rhizome versus some other area of So many choices!