Here's another one of my posting backlogs. At this rate I'll run through the stash in no time, and I'll have to *gasp write again. Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Anyway, enjoy!*

Here's a little but of a knitting commentary. I finished this sweater that turned out really awesome. The body is mostly black, with some gray on the yoke and the top of the sleeves, and the sleeves, and top of the shoulders are this ecru color I call sheep. It has steaks and this chest cut which is really nice. It's all wool. I blocked it out well but I think I need to block it again, because it grew so much during the blocking and I want it to shrink up a little. It was a weird blocking experience.

I would totally write and post the pattern here, but I think I 'm going to bum a digital camera off of someone and write up a pattern for knitty, it'll be good. In the mean time I'm maing another version of this sweater with a 50/50 hemp/wool blend that I had. It's that light worsted/heavy DK weight yarn that I more or less have to knit at 5 stitches to the inch. I had been thinking about making a 5x3 ribbed sweater but the gauge wasn’t going to work out, and I must say that I really like making sweaters like these, and I really like wearing them as well.

I'm still really turned off of shawls. I'm also way over those fashion scarves that are really fuzzy. I have so much good shawl yarn, so I'm a little disappointed with not having any interest in doing shawl knitting, but that's ok. I'm good with that.

I have a paper/presentation about knitting as feminist activism, which is going to be fun to do, I just have to sit down for a few hours and write that up.

Many knitters I communicate with are rushing to get their Christmas knitting done. I'm not down with the idea of knitting a slew of quick gifts. I mean on the one hand I like the idea of making versus buying gifts, but the very uniform frilly scarves, I tend to think are more about the object and less about the act of knitting. But that's just me. I made my self two filly scarves, and I'm done with that now. Anyway, I'm avoiding other things with this post now, so I'm going to stop and move on to more worthwhile tasks. Cheers!