I posted something new to Critical Futures today. It's a piece about technical writing, as part of the latest installment in which has become something of a series on technical writing.

I've been playing, and watching this new tool, called dexy, which is really cool in its own right, but is also really cool insofar as it says: technical writing, documentation, is important and deserves great documentation tooling.

For those of you who don't write documentation and who aren't very involved in the mechanics of publishing lots of text to websites probably don't find this very exciting. But it is.

In any case, in recognition of the fact that this is now a theme in my blogging and writing, I've created a manually generated archive for this "series" of posts. See: Posts about technical writing at Critical Futures.

There are some other modifications that I've made, and am making to Critical Futures. Namely: the archives page now displays a full list of all the content on the site. Hopefully this will help Google find older posts, and make them more accessible. Despite how I feel about these old posts, I think it's good to prevent them from falling into oblivion too soon.

More changes to come soon, of course. Also real content? Hopefully!

Now: off to sing sacred harp and eat dinner with friends!