Well hello reader(s)!

I'm at that busy stage of the semester, where I have left to do is drink tea and write. Of course, I'm knitting, and reading, as I'm usually wont to do, but I haven't found very much time for blogging, at least in this venue.

I find I've been doing more posting to forms, where I'm reasonably certain that I have a readership. In fact, I started a thread last week that made the school newspaper. Hopefully, someday, TealArt will function this way, when I have enough time/purupos. In the mean time I hope you enjoy what I can offer.

Another reason that I haven't been writing much here, is I feel, aside from the rambling posts like this one, and the knitting discussion, most of the things that I would write here are things that are better suited to more formal writing. Between figuring out my interests in a more concrete sort of way, and advancing to a stage where, all of my academic work directly relates to things that interest me incredibly. I mean sure, I could beat down evolutionary psychologists; but I doubt that you all want to read a poorly cited differentiation between neuro/structural evolution and social/cognative psychological evolution. And I'm not sure I want to write it either.

Though not to despair. I do have a few things running through my head to write about, and I think it might be fun to spend some time writing for this site. It'd be a good break.

Additionally, as it's December, I'm starting to think about my annual winter break redesign. I really rather like our current look, but there is some work that could stand to be done. I need to work on the del.icio.us side bar (those of you who aren't familiar with the del.icio.us service/site/phenomena, should be check it out here), and I think the template could use a freshening. Though I must say, I don't tend to think of websites as being tied to design these days. Truth is, RSS is the main way I interact with the internet these days. I suspect that there are a couple of posts in there about Web 2.0 and RSS that I could offer. If you're interested.

Anyway, Be well Cheers, tycho(ish)