I'm still writing, even though I've been in a very clear Critical Futures kick of posting lots of old material. I think I might post another one of the Trailing Edge stories soon, just to switch things up, after another Knowing Mars story. But that's beside the point. So I'm writing this new story. It's good fun, and there are lots of things about this story that I absoutly adore. The theory is interesting, the characters are a hoge podge of old favorites (sort of), the setting is great fun, and I really like the shape of the plot.

I'm not writing about it on the blog because I think it's too introspective, and I don't want to overthink things, and I'm not sure it's going to end up on Critical Futures, and so forth. But I wrote a sentence which makes me smile, so I thought I'd post it here.

Such strict adhearance to parlaimentray rules wasn't incredibly common and tended to irritate the old timers, who were firmly of the opinion that procedure was to be used as a precision instrument, not a blunt object.

I have something of a fascination with parlimentary systems and procedures, and I think it's sort of an interesting setting for part of a story. You have the sense that something "important" is happening (even if it's not,) you have a bunch of smart folks who we can imagine might be prone to saying sort of witty things to/at eachother, there's conflict, and there's a great likleyhood that absurd things can happen.

Having said that, I've been dragging on this scene, which I know will be fun to write once it gets going. But it hasn't yet. In due time. In due time.