I got this yarn for some awesome scarves, that I've wanted for a long time. It's kind of a pain to knit with (it's over-spun and it's not set, so I have to take out some part of the twist every two or three rows.) But they're 13 stitches across and look really awesome. One's a gift, for sure, the other's I think I can totally sell for fifty bucks, which will cover the expenses, and allow me to (a) recoup losses and not feel guilty, (b) buy yarn enough for a sweater and another scarf, or (c) buy enough for three or four more scarves.

I've been making a sweater with this hemp and wool blend, and I'm at the underarm point, and I'm realizing that I'm probably going to run out of yarn, if I get the body and the sleeves done, which I kind of doubt at this point, I'm not going to have enough for the trim I'm fairly convinced. sigh I'm hoping to finish the body this week (shouldn't be hard, the yoke always goes fast, in part because I'm going to be decreasing like mad for the neck and chest cut, and there are a lot of mile markers, as opposed to the body which is 17 inches of Kansas (to blend metaphors). Safe to say, it's too close for comfort.

So I'm trudging along on this one. My semester is wrapping up, but I have been doing a fair amount of TealArt writing (as a way of beating back a icky writer's block.) I haven't been posting because we're don't a slow server move which I have a distinct feeling is going to end sometime around christmas day. (I'm going to give my gifts out on the solstice, or as I finish making them.) Anyway. There's more to come.