I didn't really have time to blog last night, I had to dash over to the yarn store to drop off a sock as a demo for the class I'm going to be teaching in a couple weeks. Its going to be toe-up/stranded socks, if you're going to be in St. Louis, and you're interested. I'd love to see you there.

Then I had dancing, as I always do on wednesdays, and this left me feeling supremely beat. Hence no blogging. I did however post the first in my Better Living through Regular Expressions series/project. I did some regexp-ing at work yesterday, so I have something to use as a pun for next week.

Knitting and all other things continue at an expected pace. Tonight, I must must remember to write something theoretical for tomorrow at tealart. And then I lookforward to getting some real writing time this weekend. And knitting, boy do I need to get some knitting done.