So I was having a discussion with an old writing friend and we were discussing our futures which are both pretty much in the air.

She consoled by saying something like; "well some time off to get some grounding will probably help you more than sitting in rooms and talking about dead authors," clearly misremembering that aspirations to publish science fiction aside, I'm a social scientist at heart.

An honest mistake, particularly given context.

I remembered then a similar mistake when people--particularly from a knitting context--are almost always in shock when I report that I am in fact not going to art school nor do I have a particular interest in going.

Both of these, are I think, likely to get a laugh out of people that know me well.

I think that's what's most difficult about this whole stage of life where I'm sort of back to square one trying to figure things out is that what I want to do in the short term, and what I want to do in the long term, and what my strongest skills are, are all wildly divergent.

And then I remember that my problem isn't that I don't have any options, it's that I have too many options. Which is hardly a problem at all.

The thing is that does nothing to make it better just a little less scary, so I'll take it.