I rewrote the about page for tychoish this weekend. Because it was about damn time, really, and though this one doesn't cover much new ground the format isn't so... ass-y. And because it's a slow blogging week, it's also a post. Have a good day, check out `today's critical futures story <http://criticalfutures.com/>`_, and I'll catch you around tomorrow.--ty

This place is mine, I'm your host tycho garen. I'm just your average geeky, male knitter, who write science fiction, and posts to his 'blog about things like writing, current knitting, technology, academia, and other shiny topics that catch my attention.

I've been blogging for a long time, the archive goes back to 2003 (but I don't think you should read those anyway) and I've found residual evidence of my online presence going back to early 2001, and I'm pretty sure that I was doing this kind of thing since mid '99 give or take a little, but I'm almost glad that there isn't a firm record of that early stuff. Once upon a time I collaborated on sites with Chris Knittel, but in 2007 we decided to divide up the archive and start posting independently. Hence tychoish.com.

In truth during the first (many years) I posted infrequently, but since the spring of 2007, I've made a point of posting something at least once a day. When I started tychoish, I thought that it would be like my paper notebook--a random collection of thoughts, lists, and raw ideas--only digital. Which meant that I might actually go back and use it more than once, and it might be a cool discussion starter, since I don't have a lot to hide. Also, about this time tumblelogs became popluar (again), and I thought "nifty! want." And seeing that I tend to post several hundred words of rough prose every day, you can see how well that idea went.

With the rhythm of daily posting pretty much under my belt, and a rather substantial reevaluation of the role of fiction writing in my life, in July of 2007 I launched a new website called `Critical Futures <http://criticalfutures.com/>`_. I've been interested in hypertext and the future of prose and fiction on the internet for a long time, and CF is a blog where I post manageable snippets of stories every day of the week. Eventually, I hope that CF will be a paying market and there'll work from other similarly minded SF writers, but for the moment it's a fun experiment and great motivation to write and edit (somewhat) my work regularly.

And before you ask, tycho garen isn't really my name. I mean, it is in a sense, it's just not what people in real life call me, nor is it what's on my birth certificate. I like it for both of these reasons, and because it references some of my early writing, it allows me some measure of privacy or separation between my cyber- and meat-space identities, and it helps that it is an unequivocally cool name. I don't capitalize it (nor my given name much) because names are as much adjectives as they are proper nouns, and particularly since tycho isn't an official name, it seems even sillier to capitalize it.

That's me. My email is all over this site, and my username on most major websites/communications services is "tychoish," if you want to get a hold of me, you know how. I love hearing from readers and fellow bloggers.

If I left something out, don't be afraid to ask.

Onward and Upward!